Longest Zipline Across Tara Canyon – Montenegro

Enjoy the adventure and have a birds' eye view of the canyon

This is the best canyon zipline on the planet! Seriously. But, whenever there is a zip line spanning the Grand Canyon, we’ll change our position. Till then, try the fastest and longest zipline across Tara Canyon for the thrill and get an unmatched canyon view as a bonus.

Encounter the world’s second deepest canyon with Montenegro’s longest and best zipline. You will shoot across the Tara Canyon at speeds that range up to 80 to 100 km/hr. As you shuttle 1050 m across the canyon suspended in the air, you’ll get a thrill and a view as you zip along.

Also, we are always happy to share with travelers that we have done the research here on safety. We have checked the moorings–they are huge. The cables are in great condition. The zip line was installed in October of 2016 with all new equipment. We have ridden the zip line and had a blast. We have had our kids fly across it (multiple times) and they absolutely loved it!!!

Zipline discount for meanderbug travelers

We have arranged with our partners for zipline adventurers that go through Meanderbug.com to enjoy a discount. The normal rate for this canyon spanning adventure are 25 euros. However, if you book your zipline adventure here or on the Tara Canyon and Estate listing, you receive a 5 euro discount per rider. That’s a 20% discount for 100% of the adrenaline rush. And if you are unable to enjoy your zipline adventure (whether due to weather, schedule, or even having second thoughts), contact us for a full refund.

best and longest zipline across tara canyon

Features of the Longest ZipLine Across Tara Canyon

  • Longest zip line in Montenegro at 1050 meters spanning the Tara Canyon
  • Fastest zip line in the country with speeds reaching up to 80 or 100 km/h (variance depends on weight, winds, and which cable participants ride)
  • Trained staff assist zip line participants in securing safety gear and provide orientation
  • Transfers available to the start of the zip line from the bridge area (check in at Restoran Most at the bridge)
  • A discount of 5% provided for all meanderbug.com clients
  • Full refunds will be given if, for some reason such as weather conditions or even due to nerves, people are not able to do the zipline adventure


2 reviews

  1. The Zipline was amazing!

    The Zipline was amazing! Did it multiple times and would do it again any day. Beautiful view. The rafting was also fun.

  2. Love this canyon zipline!

    I’ve done the Zipline many times, and each time is as thrilling as the first.

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Longest Zipline Across Tara Canyon – Montenegro

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