Kolašin: Mountainous Adventure

kolasin, townNestled in the mountains of Montenegro sits the sleepy, little town of Kolašin, a true hideaway with plenty to offer the adventurer and budget traveler. Culture, tradition, and forward movement come together to form a restful getaway near the Tara River and mountain surroundings. It is an undiscovered budget European mountain adventure.

View of Bjelasica from Kolasin

The name “Kolašin” is officially thought to be a product of the Turks in the 17th century. However, if one digs into the history, no one really knows where the name actually originates. There was a tribe with a similar name and a fortress in the area used both by the Orthodox population and the Turks. The town was awarded to Montenegro following the Congress of Berlin. Though occupied by different foreign armies in World Wars I and II, it remains part of Montenegro today. During World War I, the Kolašin brigade played a vital role in defending the town Mojkovac from the Austro-Hungarian advance. Despite hardships from the wars and large numbers of casualities, Kolašin shows signs of recovery and promise.

Looking out from the backside of Kolasin 1450

Today, this little town has the opportunity to play a significant role in the growing tourism emphasis of Montenegro. Kolašin is surrounded by amazing mountains as is much of the country. The advantage is that Kolašin is situated in the midst of them providing exceptional access along with the infrastructure to support the travelers needs. Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and rafting await the adventurer. A range of lodging options include: resorts,  in-town b&b’s, and newly developed village farm stay offers in the area. Also, an international offering is coming online with a Sheraton offering opening in December of 2016. Whatever your style, you can enjoy local offerings of nature, tranquility, and opportunities for adventure. All on a budget.

Nearby farm stay offers available in the villages of Lipovo, Stitarica, and Mojkovac.

Vukadinovic organic orchard near Mojkovac, Montenegro
Spring view from an organic apple orchard

The future also looks bright for Kolašin. One brand new resort has been opened in the center of town just down the hill from the center of town. A second resort which has been renovated is also available for those looking for a little more of a posh setting. Kolašin stands to offer a broad  range of accommodations suitable for guests with differing wants.

Ski Kolasin - free, cross country, snowboard, and downhill are all viable

Skiing Kolasin 1450


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