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Multi-day adventure back in time across the land of shepherds and cheese

Northeastern Montenegro has some mountainous regions that are still largely undiscovered by travelers and adventurers. Near the Kosovo border between the towns of Berane and Andrijevica are a series of katuns, or Montenegrin-style mountain huts. These elevated areas are where farmers go in the summer to grow their foods in preparation for the winter months. Going hut to hut on The Katun Road is the ideal adventure for those that want to go back in time and explore in a more rustic, yet fully organic way.

This adventure is unique. It focuses entirely on nature, from the scenery all around to the foods that are grown. This is an earthy, organic journey. There are opportunities to sleep inside traditional katun structures or to camp outdoors. This journey is also a great way to interact with locals. Staying in katun homes and eating food prepared by locals will let you experience the unbridled hospitality of Montenegro. We suggest you take along a digital translator to enhance your communication experience with them.

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Planning a Katun Road Hut to Hut Adventure

Below is navigational information for route planning. Travelers are welcome to use this information and book their lodging and food independently through or we can assist with info and the booking process through our Katun Road consultation service. [NOTE: if a client has already paid for our Montenegro trip planning service, this consultation does not need to be purchased also.]

Booking in advance ensures a place to sleep and more food than you can imagine throughout your adventure hiking or MTBing. Also, it enables us to use our network to help if there are any problems along the way. We continue coaching and encouraging our katun partners to collaborate more as we work to ensure the safety for each traveler.

Best Hiking or MTB Routes for Hut to Hut on the Katun Road

Start from Andrijevica or Plav – launching from either of these two towns, travelers need to make their way to Murino and then up to Cakor. This is the only way into the katun road area for any type of rental vehicle. While hiking up from Murino is possible, for a less strenuous adventure, we recommend launching from Cakor if time or conditioning are a concern. (The routes below are for the Murino through to Berane route.)

Start from Berane – while this one starts with a notable uphill the first day, it is a nice way to go by foot. It is possible to go from this direction via 4×4, but many of the roads in this area are changing quickly due to rains making some roads impassable at times.

Start from Rozaje – while this is possible, Meanderbug is not supporting a launch from this location at this time. We’ll keep exploring and be back on this ASAP.

sunset in northern montenegro on katun road at Kaluderske Kape

Trail and Lodging Info – Hut to Hut on The Katun Road

  • Murino to Cakor Katun – 14 km with significant elevation gain. This is paved road all the way. The road winding up provides beautiful vista lookouts and especially sunsets from Mount Cakor.
  • Cakor Katun to Kaludarske Kape Katun – 15 km with gradual elevation changes. Fire road going a good ways along the ridge of Mount Cakor with the Kosovo border very near on the east side. Navigation should include Masnicki Katun en route for safety.
  • Kaludarske Kape Katun to Mokri Do Katun – 14.6 km with gradual elevation changes. Mostly fire road (working on a single-track hiking route now) with open field hiking near the lake. Navigation can include the Ravne Livade area, Katun Glodjija, Kosutina Lokva (a small glacial lake).
  • Mokri Do Katun to Kaludra Selo – 17.5 km with gradual decline in elevation. Mostly fire road with forests and open pastures with sheep grazing. Navigation can be via Debelo Brdo Katun.
  • Kaludra Selo to the Town of Berane – 13.5 km with mostly downhill descent along paved road. Scenic views include a stream along the way and forested areas.
  • (Additional katuns and farm stays will be coming online in the coming months for more route customization. Meanderbug can help with this now if you need route assistance for booking your katun road hut to hut adventure.)

Good advice along The Katun Road

NOTES ON FEES FOR Hut to Hut on The Katun Road

Committed to opening up amazing adventure and culture travel in the Balkans, Meanderbug’s modular booking approach allows adventurers to choose and modify their plan based on their travel preferences. Each village or katun farm stay can be booked on its respective link on our site (links above) while consulting fees, gear transfer coordination, and guides can be added on this listing if necessary.

* KRH2H Consultation – we are committed to helping you travel better. Where we can provide info for no cost, we do that here online. With the growth in rural travel through our site, we need to charge a consulting fee when spending significant time helping travelers make a plan so their travel itinerary can fit their family or group. We are always glad to help and can assist in hut to hut hiking plans for a small consulting fee. This helps us do more good for our rural tourism partners and provide an income for our local staff to give you the best info available. – 30 euros

** Gear transfer logistics – our hut to hut adventures offer a great opportunity to do light-pack hiking because bedding and food are provided at our farm stay and katun partners. However, if a family or hiking group would prefer to have gear transferred for them, we will arrange it. Gear transfer costs vary depending on the amount of gear, various route options and seasonal factors. With the ‘sve moze’ motto, we do all we can to make this viable. However, we are not able to have pre-arranged partnerships with everyone that may aid in transferring your gear. For this reason, we charge a gear planning fee for finding solutions with locals and coordinating the transfers at the appropriate times. We then have the traveler pay the required fee for each transfer at the time of transfer. All costs will be known and agreed upon in advance. This gives the traveler a real local experience and helps keep costs to a minimum for the traveler while doing so much good for our local partners and friends.  – 30 euros

*** Hut to Hut Guide – we are working with a network of translators that can serve as cultural guides for hiking hut to hut on The Katun Road. While these are not certified mountain guides as this is currently near impossible to obtain in Montenegro, they can help travelers understand the story, culture, and provide limited navigational assistance by inquiring of locals as needed. We are careful to make sure that this all complies with our legal requirements, but you also can expect that all guides trained and sent out by Meanderbug will also have that “sve može” mentality. If a guide is required, the maximum number of people they can support is six. – 80 euros per guide per day

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